A Bouquet Of Precious Teas

Tucked away in an unobtrusive corner in Daryaganj is a unique tea parlour. Here are found the rarest of blends. Anita Joshua has a look at the varieties spread out there.

A taste for Tea

Nehru, Maulana Azad, and Indra Gandhi loved their tea. So do most Indians. Nona Walia comments on the brew that's still going strong.

My Cup Of Tea

There're more ways of brewing tea than you may have dreamed of. There are some that'll make each cup different from the next.

Sanjay Kapur and The Art Of Tea Appreciation

Master Tea-Taster Sanjay Kapur has selected the finest Darjeeling tea that Prime Minister Vajpayee takes to Japan, and his wife Naina has elegantly packaged the gift.

Niche Market- Not All Hype

There is of course a market where the discerning consumer wants a better cup of tea, and we must therefore look at the entire globe as a potential for niche marketing, feels Mr Sanjay kapoor, a tea-taster.

Zen and The Art of Tea Appreciation

The taste of tea as viewed by Sanjay Kapoor(left) and the glossy packaging (above)