Presidents Tea of Darjeeling: Second Flush 2022

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Presidents Tea of Darjeeling By Aap ki Pasand

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea  

Grand Cru Tea of Darjeeling is chosen by a Celebrated Master tea taster, Sanjay Kapur and it is a limited edition produce.

Presidents Tea has year after year been presented as State Gifts of India by the highest officials.

Enjoy the rare 'Muscatel' sweet and spicy aroma akin to a Moscato grape wine in this limited edition Darjeeling 2nd flush tea from Summer season. Finest Darjeeling tea plucked during the peak quality period in summer season and personally selected by our master tea taster.

Darjeeling summer tea, plucked fresh and categorized grand cru by the master tea taster.

Certification:  Tea Board of India Certified

Origin:  India

Caffeine:  Medium-High


Black Tea

Healthy Benefits

Rich in Theanine- This selection helps you keep calm & concentrate. Moderate levels of caffeine keeps away the drowsiness

Time to Enjoy this Brew

The Perfect Afternoon Cuppa- None Better !

Master Tea Tasters Notes

Sweet & Spicy Notes reminiscent of a Moscato Grape Wine- We call it ‘Muscatel’

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