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Mr. Sanjay Kapur, Master Tea Taster

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The World’s Freshest Tea from India’s Iconic Tea Estates Selected by a Master Tea Taster since 1981


Sustainable Teas

Each batch of tea sold under the Sancha brand has been selected and blended under the watchful eyes of our founder & master tea taster: Sanjay Kapur since 1981. 

Grown as per the strict guidelines of the Rainforest Alliance, our Certifed Teas are sustainably grown & good for the planet.

First in India: Now offering 100% Biodegradable Tea Bags that are plastic free !

Reviewed on Tripadvisor
Best Tea Shop in India

With their choicest collection of tea, this place is my first preference to relish the best blends available. It’s a tea lovers paradise. Unexpectedly in Darya Ganj this place was a relief from the chaos.
If you are in the area do not miss this. I would suggest to pick their Darjeeling Tea and Rose tea blend. I love them both and I love to have at least a cup of either of them daily.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

Manish G (Reviewed on Tripadvisor)
— Manish G
Well worth a stop!
Excellent teas and service! We were able to try any teas we wanted for free before making our purchases (at very reasonable prices). The staff was very helpful in suggesting teas based on the flavors we liked and we bought some very nice gifts for back home.
— Jocelyn R
Best cup of tea you’ll ever have.

Welcoming, enthusiastic and knowledgeable people who will bring you different teas, brewed to perfection, until you can take no more! A great way to end an afternoon tramping round the streets of Old Delhi - quite the oasis of calm by contrast. The only improvement would be the addition of some simple biscuits to eat between trying different teas.
— Michelle
A calming oasis

We had wandered through the old Delhi bazaars for quite some time enjoying the sights and colours when we emerged from a side street directly opposite this tea house. I had read about it in a travel guide and had wanted to go there to try the teas and buy some gifts for home. It was pure luck that we actually found it. We walked in and immediately it was luxurious and calming. The young lady was very attentive, showing us many different teas and explaining their origins. We said yes to tasting some of the teas, but didn't realise it would be full cups of selected teas. They were presented beautifully and we were guided in the order of tea tasting.
— Jo C (Brisbane, Australia)
A treat in Old Delhi

Oasis in the middle of Old Delhi; great place to discover the best teas of India. Not cheap, but this is the place to taste and buy the best from Darjeeling, Nilgiri and Kangra Valley, including white tea of high quality. Here you can taste (and see) the difference between first flush, second flush and autumn picked Darjeeling tea under ideal circumstances.
— Michiel H (Geneve, Switzerland)
Your nose will definitely like it along with your taste buds

Walk in into a very subtle boutique, which is virtually hidden in famous dariyagunj market.
Situated opposite golcha cinema.
You walk into it, a fresh cool tea is served which is refreshing. I am a regular there, visiting every three month as i stock up to 3 months every time.
teas are good there, but expensive. You can taste couple of different flavours, and if you buy one packet. tea tasting is free. For me i taste about 10 - 12 falvors and buy couple of them.

try Dargeling first flush or assam black. they are good. Sikkim is also good.
— Sidmaximusjay (New Delhi, India)

It can get a bit small if too many visitors are there at once, but they will take very good care of you. The sales people are very knowledgeable and will let you try as many teas as you like. The best part of the trip for me though was the Tea Maker. Not only did he make the most lovely cups of tea, but he also shared how he made it so I could make it perfectly too. My jasmine has always come out bitter. Too many leaves left too long in the water. Thank you, sir, thank you. I bought a couple teas and some lovely accoutrements. I'll be back in my next visit to discover more teas.
— London2434 (Burbank, California)
Genuine Tea Sellers

Had a really pleasant shopping experience here. Had read about it in Lonely planet but didn't know what to expect.

Was able to try 5 different teas while shopping and never felt pressured to buy anything. Ended up walking away with 4 different bags.

Well worth a stop.
— Glamb36 (Auckland, New Zealand)
Amazing tea shop

I can definitely recommend this cosy little tea boutique in the middle of the Delhi chaos. Friendly staff, amazing tea tasting and a very nice atmosphere makes this shop worth a visit when passing through the capital.
— Lili S (Uppsala, Sweden)
Really cool place

Not having much of a tea background, I really liked this shop. I learned a lot about Indian teas -- the varieties, the main regions and their characteristics -- and the staff were very patient, happy to let me and my friend try about 6-7 different kinds before purchasing. And even I felt blown away by some of the varieties -- especially the Darjeeling Earl Gray and the Assam Single Malt. Cool stuff.
— Do928 (New Delhi, India)
Great experience!

The Aap Ki Pasand Tea Shop is a heaven of peace and quiet in the busy city of Delhi. Not only are the teas great, the welcome is warm, inviting and not pushy! Being able to taste any tea you like helps you pick, and so does the helpful advice of the shop assistant... Sadly Delhi is far, but I'll definitely repurchase the teas online!
— MelanieLux (Luxembourg)
A moment of stillness in the hustle and bustle of Delhi

I am a tea lover and wanted to buy good Indian teas. I can say I found the ideal place in Delhi. In a very beautiful and clean shop, I met a very friendly staff who helped me to discover and to choose different kinds of teas. I tried all I wanted before to buy. Prices go from 250 to 2500 INR for 100 g, that is very correct, and quality very good. There are beautiful packages for gift to bring back to friends and teaware too. It is the place to visit in Delhi for all tea aficionados.
— JFTveto (Odessa, Ukraine)

I ordered some beautiful black teas with them and they arrived absolutely fresh in 12 days.
So glad I can buy my favourite Darjeelings from a reliable source. They have their tea stores all across India so you know they aren’t one of those online sellers that will offer you coupons & purchase crap.
— Anuradha (New York, USA)

Kapur San is my beloved tea master. I visit him first time in 1987 when I work for Mitsubishi in India and after that keep going back to master for the best teas. Now they offer more variety which I like very much. Sikkhhim tea is very nice like Darjeeling. Must also try Kanghra Grand Cru Series
— Junichi (Tokyo, Japan)

This is peter from the Cotswold (the land of tea rooms) and I have to say, none of the tea rooms serve your quality.
— Peter David (Cotswold, UK)

Love the Rose Tea.. Its my favourite. I used to hate drinking tea but this one has a nice floral flavour and not bitter like the tea my mom drinks…
— Rosalind Mc Carthy (Illinois, USA)

We have bought your teas since the year 2000 for our clients in Germany and they love your teas. I have to carry back and entire bag full of your teas before im allowed back into the office !!
— Peter (Munich, Germany)

Can we import your tea into Korea. Your selections of Masalaa Chai is the best and European brands sold here in Seoul are not even close to you in flavour.
— Jenny Ju (Seoul, Korea)

Sleeping Beauty Tea- My Favourite Tea in the World ! Pure Genius
— Neha (Mumbai, India)

I wait all year long for the winter flush nilgiri tea- Its simply stunning and nothing like ive had before. Sadly they don’t make it all year long.
— Nandita Cariappa (Bangalore, India)

I love this chai! I have tried so many other brands but this one is the one I’ve fallen in love with!
— Mark Bloomberg (LA, USA)

m a tea snob and I hate how expensive chai is in restaurants and coffee shops, knowing it costs mere pennies to make. I decided I needed my own gourmet tea., "Ohmigod, it's SO GOOD..." My colleagues are starting to be concerned about my mental health.
— David Kemp (Vienna, Austria)

Once you visit their tea store in Old Delhi, that’s when you realize the history of the brand and its authentic roots. They have a tea tasting room on the inside where I actually saw the tea master choosing his selections. They have been known for their quality for years and the Prime Ministers office buys from them for official state gifts. They have lots of articles displayed on the walls.
— Jo Chu (Schenzen, China)

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Sanjay Kapur is a world renowned Master Tea Taster, blender and owner of the famous tea brand 'SANCHA' that is sold across the world at select gourmet outlets.

Sanjay started his career in Tea back in 1975 armed with a Masters degree in Management and Marketing from the acclaimed Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies at Mumbai. Having made a career defining move to the hub of tea: Kolkata, West Bengal from Mumbai, the Master in his early years received complete exposure to plantation and agricultural practices, tea manufacturing processes and grass root level tea tasting at one of the largest tea producing companies of its time.


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