Chamomile White Tea

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This tea is not an ordinary white tea.

Chamomile white tea

Enjoy the goodness of antioxidant rich white tea blended with aromatic and calming chamomile flowers & lemongrass. 

Chamomile flowers have long been known for their sedative & analgesic quality that aid in relaxing & calming down.

About white tea

White teas are made from young buds of the tea plant. Before the buds open out into leaves. The buds have white hairy fur on their outside and hence appear whitish. While the brew does not have a distinct color tone, it does have a touch of yellow, green or orange.


Pure Chamomile Flowers

Healthy Benefits

Natural Analgesic, Aids in Sleep

Time to Enjoy this Brew

Bedtime, Post Dinner

Master Tea Tasters Notes

Soothing, Soft Floral Notes

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